NEET Dress Code 2019 for Boys and Girls

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has scheduled the NEET 2019 entrance examination for 5th May 2019 (Sunday). As there are just a couple of months remaining for the exam, a lot of students are coming up with different questions. One of the most common questions asked by students related to NEET exam is the dress code they are allowed to wear to be eligible for taking the exam. To clear all such doubts related to the NEET exam 2019 dress code for male and female candidates, we have provided below the complete information on it.

NEET Exam 2019 Dress Code for Boys and Girls

1. CLOTHES: Candidates are suggested to wear light clothes only for the NEET 2019 exam. It is best to avoid wearing full sleeved clothes. However, in case any candidates come dressed in traditional clothes, they must report an hour before the scheduled reporting time so that they can be frisked properly.

2. FOOTWEAR: Candidates are suggested to avoid wearing shoes to the exam. They are allowed to wear sandals (with low heels), slipper or any other footwear that will not cause obstruction in searching or frisking. In case footwear of any candidates is found to be causing a problem in frisking, he/she will need to remove them before entering in the exam hall.

Need of Strictness in NEET Dress Code

NTA has prescribed a strict dress code for the NEET entrance exam in order to make sure that there are no irregularities, cheating, malpractices at the time of the exam. Considering the past trends, the dress code is prescribed and imposed strictly.

Apart from dress code regulations, there are other regulations also which candidates are recommended to follow strictly. Following are some of the items that are banned in the NEET exam.

List of Items Banned in NEET Exam

Carrying any of the below-mentioned items to the NEET exam hall can lead to the cancellation of the candidature of the candidate.

  • Communication devices such as Mobile Phone, Earphones, Pager, Microphone, Health Band, Bluetooth Device and other similar gadgets.
  • Stationery items such as Geometry/Pencil Box, Paper Pieces, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Writing Pad, Eraser, Pen Drive, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner and similar devices.
  • Wallet, Handbags, Cap, Belt, etc, are also prohibited.
  • Watches, Wrist Watches, Camera, Bracelet etc. are also not allowed.
  • Water Bottle, eatable item open or packed are not allowed.
  • Ornaments are also prohibited.

NEET Dress Code for NEET Exam 2019 Male Candidates

  • To dress properly for the NEET 2019 entrance examination, male candidates are suggested to make sure that they wear half-sleeve shirts/t-shirts as full sleeves clothes are not allowed. Also, clothes must be light which means candidates must wear simple clothes and clothes big, fancy buttons, zips, big and multiple pockets must be avoided.
  • Kurta pajama is not allowed for male aspirants.
  • Male candidates cannot wear shoes. They are suggested to wear slippers and sandals.

NEET Dress Code for NEET Exam 2019 Female Candidates

  • Female candidates are suggested to avoid wearing clothes that have embroidery, brooches, flowers, and buttons. It is best to wear light and half sleeve clothes.
  • According to NEET 2019 dress code, female candidates are suggested to wear simple salwars and trousers.
  • Coming to footwear, female candidates are suggested to wear slippers or sandals with low heels as shoes are not in the exam hall.
  • Wearing jewellery such as ring, pendants, necklace, nose ring, earrings or any type of metallic item should be avoided by the female candidates completely.

Regulations for Candidates Wearing Customary Dresses

Customary dresses refer to the clothing that a person wears as a traditional custom. For example, Burqa or Head Scarves that Muslim and Sikh people wear respectively due to their culture obligation.  According to the Delhi High Court order, candidates belonging to Sikh community can carry traditional Kangha. Kara, and kirpan with them to the exam hall, provided they have indicated for the same in the NEET application form at the time filling it. If the candidates have indicated for the same in their application form, they are suggested to reach the exam hall at least an hour before the reporting time to get them frisked properly.

So, these are the regulations for the NEET exam 2019 Dress Code for boys and girls. Candidates must remember that not fulfilling the required criteria of the NEET 2019 exam can lead to the cancellation of the candidature of the candidate.

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